Coming Soon

This is a list of games and expansions I worked on that have been announced and are coming soon! Note that for the most up-to-date news on my game releases, you should follow me on twitter!



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past

A big box board game for 2-5 players, in which up to 4 heroes will play against 1 other player who controls the Shredder and the rest of the Foot Clan. This is going to be a big box of miniatures, dice, cards, and cardboard aimed squarely at the hobby market with plenty of adventures and campaign play. I’m ridiculously excited about this one!


Awesome Kingdom

Awesome Kingdom: The Tower of Hateskull

A lighthearted, lightweight dungeon romp for 1-4 players, Awesome Kingdom plays in about 20-30 minutes. Play one of the over-the-top characters such as the Ragebarian or the Killsassin as you move around the dungeon claiming cards and try to be the most awesome hero after 3 days. The art in this game is silly and fantastic, and I have a lot of faith that this game is going to do really well. Give it a try when it comes out around November-ish.



Achtung! Cthulhu: The Secret War

This one’s going to be a fully co-op wargame in which the players oppose the Nazis in WWII and the mythos creatures that they may summon up! Details still need to be kept a bit close to the vest for now, but since this game represents my return to the Cthulhu mythos, you’re going to want to keep an eye on it!


X-Files: Trust No One

X-Files: Trust No One

X-Files gets its first expansion with Trust No One, covering seasons 4-6, and adding the dreaded Sighting cards, which are played face-up by the Syndicate player and have ongoing effects that will send the Agents scurrying to get rid of them. They make for excellent bait, let me tell you. Additionally, you’ll be able to play the Lone Gunmen as full-fledged Agents!



Little Circuses

Still a ways out, Little Circuses is a euro-style game for 2-7 players that plays in 45 minutes regardless of how many players you have. Build up your circus with a variety of acts and have them perform under your spotlight to increase your wealth and fame. Whoever does the best job running their portion of the family circus will inherit the whole thing! This design features a tile-laying system for building and running your circus that I thoroughly enjoy.


Working cover for Generation Hex.

Generation Hex (was: Project Tweedledee)

A collaboration I did with my good friend Eric Lang (designer of Quarriors, Chaos in the Old World, and too many card games to name) based on the comic book Finding Gossamyr. Information can be found on it here and here. I’m expecting it to go to kickstarter reasonably soon, and then on to retail. It has a very clever tile-laying mechanic that I find really satisfying to play around with. Keep an eye on my twitter feed (@KevinWilson42) or the game’s facebook page for news.