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Good Grief

Well, it’s been way too long since I’ve updated the website, and I apologize for that. Unfortunately, when I get very busy (i.e. successful), I have to choose between updating the website or getting paying work done. And ultimately, that’s an easy call, since the landlady isn’t particularly impressed by my shiny blog. Still, if you’ve followed my twitter feed or just board game news in general, you’ll know that it’s been a pretty amazing year for me so far. I’ll try to keep this coherent and not too rambly, but there’s a lot to cover!

X-Files came out in January – my first game release since I left FFG in October of 2012. Not for lack of work or sales, as I have a TON of games in the pipeline, it’s just that various things have delayed them. Happily, although X-Files has received mixed reviews from hardcore board game fans, it has done extremely well with the more casual crowd and gone back for a 2nd printing and an expansion already. Since I designed it as more of a gateway game for X-Files fans, it’s an easy call to mark that down in the ‘win’ column.

Today the world...tomorrow your heart!

Today the world…tomorrow your heart!

CHEW: Cases of the FDA, has also released in the last few weeks, and is doing quite well on social media and among comic book fans, though as with X-Files, it’s receiving mixed reviews among established board game reviewers. Again, it’s a lighter game – a beer and pretzels design that wouldn’t be out of place on a tavern table this time (it even includes a certain “iron liver” game variant), but just look at the little plastic chogs you get with it…they’re so adorable! It’ll reach its intended audience in the long run, so I can’t be mad. It’s a fun game, and it’ll do well in the market, no worries.

For those looking for a heavier release from me, Wyrd Miniatures is putting Darkness Comes Rattling into stores within the next month or so. It’s a co-op game for 1-6 players (it says 2-6 on the box, but it’s playable solo) with a unique storyline, some fun mechanics, and a really gorgeous presentation. I think that the art in this game is some of the best I’ve ever had attached to one of my games, especially the cover! Word hasn’t gotten out much about it yet, unfortunately, as Wyrd mostly has press contacts on the miniatures side of things, but hopefully momentum will start to build as it reaches retail stores, since Darkness really is a game I’m pleased with.

Of course, my biggest news so far this year has been plastered all over the place – I’m designing a big box board game based on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for IDW! This puppy’s gonna be a hefty box of miniatures, dice, cards, and cardboard, and will definitely be aimed squarely at the hobby market. I’m super thrilled to be working on it, and I’ve got some really neat mechanics planned for this one, but I don’t want to spoil too much just yet…

I’ve also got a number of other upcoming releases, including a fun euro-style design for 2-7 players that takes about 45 minutes called Little Circuses, a return to the Cthulhu mythos in Achtung Cthulhu: The Secret War, a game set in Brandon Sanderson’s grim fantasy world of Mistborn, and a light-hearted dungeon romp inspired by Guillotine the card game named Awesome Kingdom: the Tower of Hateskull. Check out my Upcoming Games page for more info on most of those games (Mistborn is still a bit too new for now).

The crazy thing is, those are just my announced games. As anime fans like to exclaim, “This isn’t even my final form!” I still have a few announcements left this year that are gonna rock your socks off. Keep an ear to the ground around BGG.con in November, which I’m going to be a special guest at, for another big announcement or two. And lest I forget, A big thanks to the Boardgamegeek folks, and Aldie in particular, for the invite, not to mention for letting me bunk with them at Gen Con. And another big thanks to IDW Games for my Gen Con badge, and for believing so strongly in my game designs!