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The Truth will be Out There in July.

Not a full blog today. I’m sorry I’ve been so busy lately, but game design can be a harsh mistress, after all. However, today is a good day! IDW Games announced that the X-Files board game I designed for them is coming out in July, so I can finally mention it here! ┬áTheir press release can be found here.

It’s a game for 2-5 players (up to 4 X-Files agents and 1 Syndicate player who takes the role of the Smoking Man) in about 60-90 minutes. I used to watch X-Files every Friday night with Dad (Mom was too creeped out by it), so it was really great getting to revisit the show (thanks, Netflix!) while researching for the game. I focused on the first three seasons of the show, and had a great time designing it. I’m really proud of this one, folks, keep an eye out for it!

Gencon and Generation Hex

Incidentally, I’m heading off to Gencon this week to see friends, line up my next few gigs, and talk to publishers about the games I’m currently working on for them. I’ll also be showing up at the Th3rd World Studios booth in author’s alley to talk to folks about Generation Hex and show off the game. I can’t promise a regular schedule, but I’ll do my darnedest to be there from 5:30-6:00 PM every day. Other than that, I’ll try to keep the Th3rd World guys apprised of my next appearance at the booth. Beyond that, if you see me around the show, feel free to say hi. I’ll be happy to chat and sign things as long as I’m not on my way to an appointment.

Unseen Forces is Out

The first expansion for Elder Sign is out now. It’s called Unseen Forces and information on it can be found here. I designed it when I was still at FFG, so I’m glad to see it get released. Check it out!