Spring is Here, Kinda

So, we’ve finally made it through the winter here in sunny, tropical Minnesota. And by that, I mean that I expect to see the sun any day now. Until then, I’m sure the plants are enjoying all the rain. This past month, I’ve largely kept my head down and worked on projects. A couple of them are just about ready to leave my hands for good, which has me excited to start on the next few things, and I came up with a small, simple design last week or so, which was a nice bonus.

Spring has also brought with it something new and unusual in my life. This year I and some friends joined a CSA, or community-supported agriculture, also known as a farm share. Basically, we paid a local farmer a fee up front, and now we get a share of his crop every week. So far this has been mostly greens like kale and arugula and such, but it’s all fresh from the farm. I’ve been enjoying finding uses for the various foods each week, including salads, braised greens, and homemade salsa (protip: when they tell you not to get any jalapeno juice on your hands, they MEAN it). One of my friends said I was turning into a hippie, and I replied, “Just now? Really? I went to Berkeley, man. I’ve been a hippie for years.” Anyways, with a CSA, you don’t get to pick what you want from week to week, instead just getting whatever is ready to harvest, but the price isn’t bad and I kind of like the sense of adventure. I mention this largely because most people have never heard of CSAs, and it’s a concept that really ought to be supported, if only because you get much better vegetables and fruits out of it.

In between chopping and cooking veggies, I’ve done a lot of initial work on upcoming projects, not to mention some “blue sky” brainstorming. It’ll be awhile before you see the results of that, but I think it’s some exciting stuff. Hopefully I can start talking about some of it by the end of the year.

At the end of next month is when my trip to Ropecon in Espoo, Finland is taking place. I’m greatly looking forward to that trip, particularly since I’ve never been to Finland before. If you’re in that part of the world, I hope you’ll stop by the show and say hi. In August, I’ll be going to Gencon, of course. Attending that show’s pretty much a requirement for being in the gaming industry. Not sure exactly what my Gencon will look like yet, but I should start getting an idea pretty soon.

Anyway, sorry there’s not a ton of game news this month. If I’m not swamped, I’ll try and write up a little something about game design in the next few weeks. Til next time, take care!