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January 05, 2013

Happy New Year!

It’s been a month since my last blog post, so it seems like a good time for a new update. I’ve been jumping back and forth between a number of games, working on concepts, content, and rules, all while planning out my year. This is by far the most organized I’ve ever been, but I still have a long way to go, given that my natural state is chaos.

First, let’s look at the games I’m working on now (disguised to protect the innocent):

Project Rattler – A big adventure game with an original theme. I’m working on content for this game now and hope to have a signed deal for it in the next week or so. Should have the bulk of it finished by the end of this month. I can’t wait until I can start seeing art and graphic design for this one, it’s gonna be frickin’ sweet.

Projects Tweedledee and Tweedledum – Two collaborations with my good friend Eric Lang. The two games are very different from each other, but I’m really excited by both, and the contracts for these will hopefully be dealt with soon as well. They’re based on existing IPs that I think are really fun, and the art for them promises to be amazing. These two games should be mostly finished by the end of this month as well. Incidentally, a big thanks to @eric_lang (on Twitter) for getting me involved in these games, which provided a welcome early opportunity for me as I was just getting started freelancing.

Project Tophat – Tophat is a euro style game designed for a fast play time that handles a large number of players. This game is finished and in testing. I’m hopeful that I can sell it to a German publisher and branch out a bit. Perhaps at Gathering of Friends? We’ll see.

Project Lottery – A very simple card game that I’m hopeful will find a home in the educational/mainstream market. Like Tophat, it’s finished and in testing. It has done very well with the casual gamers I’ve shown it to, but is a distinct departure from my usual market, so it’s a bit of an experiment for me. This is actually one of my favorite things about freelancing – I can just make whatever I feel like as long as I’m willing to risk the time on it. If it sells, great! If not, I’ll just keep on trying until it does.

Project Volcano – This is another high adventure board game in the early concept stages. I’ve got the theme, a couple of interesting mechanics, and few pieces of art scrounged off of Google for inspiration. Should be working out the contract for this game this month and getting started in earnest on it in February if all goes well.

Project Fury – The last project I’ve currently got in the works. It’s largely nothing more than a glint in my eyes and a few basic concepts at this point. I’ll probably be talking about the contract for this one in Feb. or March and getting started on it in April, which will take me through into Con season. Speaking of which…

The conventions I’m planning on attending this year are looking like this:

  • March: GAMA Trade Show
  • April: Gathering of Friends
  • July: Guest of Honor at a Convention TBA (Don’t want to jump the gun on any announcement the Con wants to make)
  • August: Gencon (This Con is simply required for anyone serious about being in the game industry in the US.)

I actually had to turn down a Guest of Honor appearance at another Con in July as well. I felt bad about it, but 3 Cons in 4 weeks (one of which is Gencon, my busiest week of the year) is just too much for me. There was no way I could afford that kind of schedule disruption this year. Still, it’s a wonderful problem to be blessed with, right?

Essen Spiel in October is a pretty solid no for me this year (gotta watch my expenses until I can get some royalties flowing, as Essen is really expensive), and BGG.CON in November is a strong maybe. I’ll have to see how my finances look as we get closer to it. Next year, hopefully both of those conventions will be a yes right from the start.

One thought on “Welcome to 2013

  1. Mike Clarke

    Watching this with interest. I’m a fan of several of your designs including the much maligned Android for which I wrote a counter-review on BGG. Ok…it was a little clunky but also inspired.

    I’m a big fan of adventure games and am looking forward to seeing the results in particular Projects Rattler and Volcano.

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